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Accepting Credit Cards: Small Business Volume Advantage


If you're a business owner, you know the importance of accepting credit cards from your customers and how credit card processing has become a necessity in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, you probably also know all too well the high cost that comes along with it. Shopping around for reputable payment service providers should be a straightforward and fair process. Unfortunately, it’s often a minefield.

You may have tried changing processors only to find that you're still paying just as much—if not more—than what you were initially quoted. You may be thinking that no matter which merchant services company you go with, it's going to be the same.


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You start to face the reality that unless you're a huge corporation, your relationship with your payment processor and the rates they’ve offered are directly related to the size of your business and the volume of your monthly credit card transactions. Most small business owners feel that there are not many choices. Either they accept the costs associated with taking credit, or they become a cash-only merchant, limit their customers, and lose out on thousands of dollars.

Many payment processing companies take advantage of new merchants and their limited industry knowledge to charge unfair prices. A number of pricing models exist, and it pays to know the basics. The optimal solution will depend on many factors, including your sales volume:

  • Interchange-plus pricing
  • Tiered pricing
  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Subscription/membership pricing

Because Sekure works with thousands of merchants per month doing millions of dollars of business, we can get the best rates from the best payment processors in the business. As a small business owner dealing with a big processor on your own, you wouldn’t be able to get the same rates. Small-time reps with small books of clients have to charge higher fees to pad their bottom lines. And even if you work with one of the bigger payment services providers, many offer teaser rates only to jack up fees with regular increases. 

Sekure Merchant Solutions offers a far better solution where merchants can have their cake and eat it too! While you’re not going to grow four hundred times your size overnight, Sekure Merchant Solutions makes it possible for you to access much lower rates by becoming one of the thousands of merchants we work with every month. This volume allows us to get you the lowest rates possible with very little effort on your part. Over the course of a year and thousands of transactions, even the smallest savings will add up.  

If you were to negotiate with a payment processing company, you would be negotiating your volume. Every processor wants a new merchant, but your volume always dictates the rates they will offer you. Not only will you have to do all the legwork, but you will also have to do all the necessary due diligence that comes along with selecting a new processor.

However, working with Sekure Merchant Solutions has other perks than just the lowest rates. Free equipment, early termination fees reimbursement, unparalleled customer service, and a merchant onboarding team are just a few things that come with our service.

Our service is free without any obligation whatsoever. Simply fax or email us your most recent processing statement, and one of our many professionals will call you within 24 hours with a straightforward “side-by-side” cost analysis of your rates.

Tom Haney

Tom Haney

Tom Haney is a writer, translator, and editor. In addition to toiling in the communication field, he also works in the forest on his side-hustle, Sweetbark maple syrup. He lives in Centretown with his wife, daughter, and pooch, Louie.

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