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Brandy Przepiora

Brandy Przepiora

Brandy Przepiora is a future bestselling author (just you wait). She is an Applications Specialist by day, a Netflix surfer by evening, and an insomniac writer by night. She lives in Montreal with her rabbit Porkchop, and her cat Big Moose, whom she tolerates (and loves, because she has to).

Recent Posts:

Five Ways Travel Agents Can Help Clients Navigate Today’s Trends

Although the travel industry’s 2021 recovery continues, the Skift Recovery Index (which provides up-to-date performance measures of the industry across 22 countries) shows that travel is still languishing 35% below pre-pandemic levels. The recovery has also been uneven, varying between different geographical regions due to divergent travel restrictions, COVID-19 case counts, and vaccine rollouts and the relative strength of their domestic travel markets.

Employee Burnout: The What, the Why, and How to Manage It

We’ve all been there: everyone who has ever been employed has had a bad day, or even a stretch of them. And as responsible adults do—or so we’ve been told—we move through it, beyond it, and forge ahead. Keep calm and carry on, as they say.

Nonprofit and Giving Outlook for 2022

The effects of the pandemic have been felt across all business sectors. However, the nonprofit sector, whose funding generally relies on face-to-face networking (think galas, marathons, concerts), suddenly had to innovate to continue generating income when lockdowns put an end to those events. Early projections suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic would only compound the other challenges nonprofits already regularly face, painting a grim picture as to how they would weather the storm.

Retail Outlook for 2022

The most significant influence on the retail sector over the past 19 months has unquestionably been the COVID-19 pandemic. (There’s nothing quite like a major global event to affect what we buy and how we buy it, —not to mention who sells it and how!) While the toilet paper panic-buying is mercifully in the rearview mirror, other emerging trends in consumerism—as well as ever-changing technology—will continue to shape the retail landscape into 2022.

Future-Proofing Salons Beyond Covid-19

One of the things about the lockdown that I haven’t exactly hated is the lack of time and effort I have to put into getting ready for work each day. Being fortunate enough to work from home right from the beginning of this event, I’ve allowed the lovely little lipsticks, perfumes, and mascaras on my vanity table to go woefully ignored over the past year and a half. Never mind the state (and length!) of my hair. Now that we are potentially facing reopening (and other people), it might be time for a trip to the salon. Whatever that might entail.

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