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How to Put Paper in a Credit Card Machine

Changing paper in a credit card machine can be stressful if you’re in the middle of a transaction or busy helping customers. But learning how to put paper in a credit card machine can be done easily and quickly, as long as you know what to do.

How to Sell on Instagram: a Small Retailers Guide

Selling on Instagram just got easier for small businesses and content creators as more lenient eligibility requirements went into effect over the summer.

Finding the Right Balance for In-Store and Online Sales

Catering to in-store and online customers can be a challenging juggling act. In an era where online order options exist for most things and a variety of services sell products delivered directly to your home, more grocery stores, restaurants and retailers are required to enhance the relationship for their online customers while also providing customer support and care for their in-store shoppers.

Merchant Spotlight: UMPS Care Charities

For UMPS Care Charities, helping children in need is an easy call. Sometimes life is more than strikes and home runs – and no one knows this better than they do.

A Checklist To Safely Reopen Your Small Business

Small businesses are reopening across the country. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect much of the United States, employers are making necessary adjustments for the health and safety of their employees and customers. Merchants are also trying to find ways to attract customers and get back on their feet.

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