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10 Easy Marketing Tips to Increase Your Black Friday Sales

Whether it’s standing outside in the rain and snow for hours, cramming into stores or shopping from their beds in the wee hours of the morning to shop online, customers are always on the lookout for the best deal. Experts suggest Black Friday’s retail outlook will be different this year with fewer product selection due to hampered global supply chains, but retailers and other businesses can still make the most of this long weekend. To do so, you’ll need to find a strategy to help attract and delight your customers. Since Sekure works with a wide-range of businesses, we prepared a list of 10 marketing tips to help you grow your business for holiday shopping 2021, no matter the industry.

Employee Burnout: The What, the Why, and How to Manage It

We’ve all been there: everyone who has ever been employed has had a bad day, or even a stretch of them. And as responsible adults do—or so we’ve been told—we move through it, beyond it, and forge ahead. Keep calm and carry on, as they say.

Nonprofit and Giving Outlook for 2022

The effects of the pandemic have been felt across all business sectors. However, the nonprofit sector, whose funding generally relies on face-to-face networking (think galas, marathons, concerts), suddenly had to innovate to continue generating income when lockdowns put an end to those events. Early projections suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic would only compound the other challenges nonprofits already regularly face, painting a grim picture as to how they would weather the storm.

Halloween Gives Small Business Owners a Chance To Connect With Their Communities

October has been a busy month for small business owners, whether it’s getting Halloween products out and ready in time or decorating storefronts - much preparation goes into preparing for the spooky holiday. Luckily, this Halloween looks like it will be a promising one, with an estimated 65% of Americans celebrating this year, which is comparable to the pre-pandemic level. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an average of $102 on Halloween costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards, amounting to billions of dollars in revenue for businesses. While Halloween increases profit margins, it’s also a golden opportunity for small businesses owners to connect and give back to the communities they serve. 

The Construction Industry: Looking Ahead to 2022

From scorching residential real estate to skyrocketing lumber prices, this year has been a crazy one for the construction industry. As 2021 nears a close, what can we expect for 2022? The question most players in the construction industry are asking is likely “Will building materials drop in price.” In this article, Sekure takes out its crystal ball and sees what the new year will bring from several of the construction industry’s leading sectors.

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