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Lumber Outlook for the Rest of 2021

With dining out, traveling, and other discretionary spending off-limits for much of the last 16 months, consumers turned their spending sights elsewhere: their homes. Most of their money was allocated to long-put-off renovations, office additions, and new decks.

Payment Processing for Accountants

As the old proverb goes, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Applied to finance professionals, the same proverb could be adapted to something like “the accountant’s invoices are unpaid” or “the accountant’s books are in disarray.”

When To Consider Switching Payment Processors

Are you discouraged every time you look at statements from your payment processor? If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the fees (and you’re not getting answers from your payment processor) then it’s time to consider switching to a new provider.

Hiring New Employees? Everything You Need to Know

As the U.S. economy sputters back to life, businesses are looking to hire new employees. Many companies, however, are having trouble finding candidates to fill positions, as people are either reluctant to return to work or are being more selective. As a result, good recruitment practices are more critical than ever. With that in mind, here are a few ways to help you land a unicorn.

How Do I Manage My Inventory Effectively on Multiple Sales Channels?

  As consumers are increasingly shopping online, you have likely felt the need (or already answered the call) and expanded your brick and mortar business to include multi- or omnichannel sales.

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