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Payanywhere Reports on Sales, Transactions and Customers

Small business owners wear many hats and need tools that can multi-task as well as they do. With Payanywhere, they can quickly access a wealth of business insights from every aspect of their business in one central location.

How a Smart Terminal Can Help Grow Your Business

The right technology can streamline your business. If you’re using a decades-old hand-held terminal that's only good for ringing up purchases and printing out receipts, it might be time for an upgrade.

Debit Card Processing Fees: Signature Debit vs PIN

In order to make better financial decisions for your business, we’ve broken down the main differences between the two types of debit cards (signature and pin), what fees you’ll be expected to pay and why.

Verosa QuickBooks Plugin: Use QuickBooks with your Processor

Verosa QuickBooks is an economical solution for merchants looking for an easy way to process customer credit cards. The Verosa QuickBooks plugin hosts a payment terminal specifically for QuickBooks accounting software.

Billback Pricing: What is a Billback?

Billback pricing is a sneaky surcharge fee that shows up on your monthly statement. The trouble is, these surcharges are anything but transparent as they are difficult to calculate, confusing to understand, and negatively impact your bottom line. The Billback Definition Billback pricing is an additional processing charge made on a prior card transaction. According to your merchant agreement, certain transactions may prompt an additional processing charge, such as purchases made by a gift or rewards card, a keyed instead of a swiped card, or a business card purchase.

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