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Choosing Between Payment Service Providers and Merchant Acquirers

Payment processing is a minefield for small and medium businesses, a world awash with confusing terminology and a multitude of moving parts. As a result, merchants are often left scratching their heads when faced with the many payment options on the market. One of the most common considerations is whether to go with a payment services provider or a merchant acquirer. This post outlines the pros and cons of both and will help steer you onto the right path.

Everything About Cryptocurrency & How to Accept Bitcoin & Etherium

Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. You’ve heard the names before—especially Bitcoin—and they usually conjure up images of wild price fluctuations and bubbles. And while the concepts and technology remain abstract for most people, cryptocurrency payments are gaining momentum and being embraced more and more in the mainstream. Case in point: Visa recently partnered with BlockFi to market a Bitcoin rewards credit card. This article provides an overview of cryptocurrency in general and as well as its advantages and disadvantages for consumers and merchants.

Merchant Spotlight: Babcia’s Pierogi, Handmade with Love!

At the entrance of Buffalo’s Broadway Market—one of America’s oldest—sits Babcia’s Pierogi, a family-run business and local staple. Wife-and-husband duo Linda and George Lund run the outfit, and they have been purveying pierogis at the market for over four years. Business was brisk after the operation moved to the market a few years ago. And then the pandemic struck. The couple knew they had to shift their business to reach customers and adapt to the ever-changing retail landscape. Indeed, Linda and George aren’t the only ones who depend on their business—their full-time and seasonal staff, charities, and local farmers all have a lot riding on the business’s continuity.

Gain Key Business Insights and Prevent Fraud Using Fraud Data

Retail businesses have had to close their brick and mortar locations due to stay at home orders and lockdowns imposed by public health authorities to slow the spread of Covid-19 in communities across America. Business owners are turning to e-commerce in order to maintain some business continuity and continue to serve their customers who are also on orders to stay home and slow the curve. The increase in e-commerce carries with it more exposure to fraudulent activity.

Digital Tools to Boost Ecommerce Sales

The world of retail is constantly evolving. The pandemic has overturned traditional brick-and-mortar business models, forcing SMBs to shift their focus online. Many businesses who lagged are now playing catch-up, however, and pulling out all the stops to play the online sales game. Does this sound familiar? This article explores the importance of digital tools and outlines a few core tools that will help you maximize your ecommerce potential and snag some of the millions of customers who continue to flock online.

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