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How to Batch Out a Credit Card Machine

Are you trying to figure out how to batch out a credit card machine? In order to fully process the sale and get paid for your goods or services, you need to know how to get it done. Here are tips for how to batch out a credit card machine.

Benefits of a Tablet POS System and Credit Card Payment Processing

Interested in better customer service, increased sales, and multiple opportunities for engagement? A tablet point-of-sale (POS) system can offer just that for your credit card processing needs. In fact, many retailers are ditching traditional cash registers for cloud-based tablet POS systems because of mobility, quick processing, plus a streamlined platform for sales and inventory management. Robust reporting and analytics available on tablet POS systems can also help merchants track refunds, orders, and sales, as well as effectively market their business. 

Sekure Customer Spotlight - Best Appliance Installations

About Best Appliance Installations is a family owned company that installs high end appliances, who strongly believe in customer service. Partnering with stores and contractors alike to ensure their customer’s dreams come true is what they do best. Company owner, Jose Alfredo Macias better known as “Pepe” Is a crucial part of the day to day activities, starting by reviewing the schedules every morning to actually working out in the field on a daily basis sometimes with his own schedule, other times troubleshooting or doing walk troughs prior to installation. All of the installers on the team have been handpicked and trained by none other than Pepe himself, 

Sekure Customer Spotlight - Baldwin Hardware

Their Story 16 years ago, Nancy Campbell took over her late husband’s business, unsure where it would lead her. After a lot of hard work and learning to trust her instincts, she has grown the business over the years, and has gotten to know her customers well. If you’re ever looking for a company specializing in household installations in the Pennsylvania area this family owned business is the place to discover. What led you to your current profession? What made you embark in the hardware industry? I was a teacher for 30 years, so this was really my forte.  My husband was in the hardware industry and passed away suddenly at age 49.  Our children urged me to take over the family business so that their father’s efforts would not be in vain. I did, struggled along the way, but I feel that it was the right decision.

5 Ways to Lower Interchange Rates - Business Card Acceptance Models

If you’re on Interchange Plus pricing, you might want to think about implementing some of the following techniques to lower the actual Interchange costs in an effort to lower your bottom line. Not all are practical for all businesses or card-acceptance models, but hopefully we can help you reduce costs – more so than we’re already able to with finding you a new, lower cost merchant service provider.

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