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Flexibility is Key for Garden Center Supply Chains

  Since the global lockdown combined with health and safety measures forced many people to stay home, this gave many people more time to devote to hobbies -  namely gardening and caring for houseplants. Research indicates that people were seeking to beautify their homes (inside and outside) and increase their mental and emotional well-being.

America’s Plan to Limit Global Supply Chain Risks

The emphasis on strengthening U.S. supply chains has taken the spotlight since last year, and if you are unsure of its impact on your day-to-day, consider this:

Health Care Technology & Supply Chain Innovations

  COVID-19 has greatly impacted every facet of the global healthcare system; from acquiring medical supplies to staffing and leveraging technology, to better serve patients. Consequently, the healthcare industry has been forced to find solutions and, in doing so, uncovered fundamental shifts. We looked at numerous reports and compiled this list of trends to watch out for when you are future-proofing your medical practice for the post-COVID-19 economy. 

Small Business Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chains are the lifeblood of the world economy. And today, they are more intricate than ever— the result of relentless globalization and just-in-time shipping. But this complexity comes with a cost: susceptibility to disruption. According to McKinsey, “companies can now expect supply chain disruptions lasting a month or longer to occur every 3.7 years.” As a business owner, you can’t overlook supply-chain resilience. And by reinforcing and adapting how you get your goods, you can protect your business operations and the environment.

Why Your Business Needs SKU Codes

You’ve likely seen the initialism “SKU” a million times and never understood what it stands for. Well, it’s an abbreviation of stock-keeping unit—an in-house code that helps retailers manage inventory and the entire business process. If you’re still tracking your stock and sales with a pen and paper, read on and see what you’re missing.

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