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Why Your Business Needs SKU Codes

You’ve likely seen the initialism “SKU” a million times and never understood what it stands for. Well, it’s an abbreviation of stock-keeping unit—an in-house code that helps retailers manage inventory and the entire business process. If you’re still tracking your stock and sales with a pen and paper, read on and see what you’re missing.

How Do I Manage My Inventory Effectively on Multiple Sales Channels?

  As consumers are increasingly shopping online, you have likely felt the need (or already answered the call) and expanded your brick and mortar business to include multi- or omnichannel sales.

Digital Tools to Boost Ecommerce Sales

The world of retail is constantly evolving. The pandemic has overturned traditional brick-and-mortar business models, forcing SMBs to shift their focus online. Many businesses who lagged are now playing catch-up, however, and pulling out all the stops to play the online sales game. Does this sound familiar? This article explores the importance of digital tools and outlines a few core tools that will help you maximize your ecommerce potential and snag some of the millions of customers who continue to flock online.

How to Balance Online and In-store Traffic As You Reopen your business

You thought you had this whole retail thing figured out — until you didn’t. In case you haven’t noticed, the retail landscape has shifted slightly since mid-March. Consumer habits have likely shifted for good.

How Gift Cards Can Generate Revenue During COVID-19

With retail stores closed around the country due to the novel coronavirus, offering digital gift cards is a great way to generate more revenue while shelter-in-place orders are in effect. Digital gift cards are the same as regular gift cards except you’re doing the environment and your pocketbook a favor - no waste, no inventory turnover, and no physical contact. 

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