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Selling Car Parts Online

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you’ve probably read about supply chain bottlenecks wreaking havoc on products like computers and cars. As a result, everyone from electronics manufacturers to auto shops is scrambling for parts.

Care in Action Merchant Spotlight: Luis Rodriguez of Jockey-LR, LLC

During National Mom and Pop Business Owners Appreciation week, the marketing team at Sekure had the privilege of being able to speak with several small business owners across North America who have partnered with Sekure for their merchant services. We were so inspired by what they had to tell us that we want to share a bit about them in a series of spotlight blogs, starting with Luis Rodriguez, professional jockey and proprietor of JockeyLR LLC.

POS Financing Overview: Benefits & Cost for Businesses

Installment loans are nothing new—consumers have been using them for decades to finance big-ticket purchases like appliances, furniture, and electronics. But fintech companies have brought POS financing to the younger masses with flexible products; indeed, the process is now more seamless than ever and gaining traction. As a merchant, should you jump on the POS-lending bandwagon?

Small Businesses See Growth with eCommerce

With international travel restrictions in place and sanitation rules affecting how we eat, shop, design our homes and entertain ourselves, the pandemic has surely changed our lives in unimaginable ways.

How to Handle Unhappy Customers

When it comes to unhappy customers, good news travels fast—and bad news travels faster. Remember the United Airlines broken guitar fiasco of 2008? The incident, which involved United baggage handlers tossing around guitars at Chicago O’Hare, became a viral public-relations disaster for United and was immortalized in a song that currently has 20 million views on YouTube. Back in the day, a displeased customer would need to take out a full-page spread in a national newspaper to reach that many people, but these it can be done online, instantly, and to dramatic effect.

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