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Mental Health: A Business Priority for 2022

The past two years' events prompted a worldwide mental health crisis, with the effects continuing to be felt in the workforce today. Many Americans have admitted to struggling with depression, burnout, and PTSD – ailments that were only compounded when also trying to uphold “business as usual” in their careers.

Looking After Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

It’s easy enough to say we never truly know what the future holds. And to be honest, putting it that way somehow takes the pressure down a notch (que sera, sera, right?). What’s difficult is remembering this adage when faced with things like uncertainty, isolation, anxiety, and depression, not to mention illness, death, unemployment, evictions, political and racial unrest, and increases in domestic abuse and suicide – basically everything we’ve been facing these past 19 months. Any one of these alone would affect our mental and emotional well-being, and last year many of us suddenly faced some, most, or even all of them, provoking unprecedented stress.

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