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4 Merchant Trends for 2022


A Guide to Credit Card Processing For Nonprofits

Looking to raise money by hosting a special event, running a donor drive, or seeking corporate sponsors— chances are you’ll need a reliable way to process credit and debit card payments for your nonprofit event. 

Square POS Troubleshooting

Malfunctioning equipment is a major pain point for merchants. It can lead to frustrated customers, lost sales, and unnecessary down time. If your business runs on the Square app, terminal, or register, you’ve likely come across many error codes and error messages and had to troubleshoot on the fly. This article looks at three of Square’s products and services and how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues.

EMV-Compliance Fees Overview: Credit Card Processing

  Have you ever looked at your merchant processing statement and wondered about those non-EMV assessment fees? If you’re one of the many U.S. merchants still accepting magstripe cards, you’re not alone. Here’s a snapshot of non-EMV costs and how you can avoid them.

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