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Simple POS Thermal Printer Maintenance Tips for Businesses

Understanding how a thermal printer works is important when learning how to properly maintain the device. We answer some common questions and explain how to clean your thermal printer in this article. Thermal printers, made by brands such as Toshiba, TSC, DMYO, and Zebra, are used to print barcode tags and labels. 

Flat Rate Credit Card Processing Explained

Flat rate processing is one of many rate plans available to merchants and perhaps the easiest to understand. Flat rate credit card processing is a set rate that business owners pay each month, no matter what type of card or transaction method is used. Flat rate pricing is designed to be simple and can be offered without a transaction fee, which can be beneficial for businesses with many transactions. With flat rate processing, business owners can also easily calculate their credit card processing fees since the rate is the same each month.

Billback Pricing: What is a Billback?

Billback pricing is a sneaky surcharge fee that shows up on your monthly statement. The trouble is, these surcharges are anything but transparent as they are difficult to calculate, confusing to understand, and negatively impact your bottom line. The Billback Definition Billback pricing is an additional processing charge made on a prior card transaction. According to your merchant agreement, certain transactions may prompt an additional processing charge, such as purchases made by a gift or rewards card, a keyed instead of a swiped card, or a business card purchase.

What is Cash Discount and Credit Card Surcharge in Business

Will that be cash or credit? Credit cards are increasingly becoming the preferred payment option for consumers, but more people paying with plastic means increased payment processing costs for merchants. To help offset those fees, merchants are turning to merchant processing cash discount programs.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Merchants of all sizes are gearing up for the busiest shopping time of the year. Consumers are upbeat about shopping this holiday season. In fact, the average consumer in the United States is expected to spend $1,535, up from $1,225, according to a recent holiday spending survey by Deloitte Insights, a multinational professional services network.

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