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How to Put Paper in a Credit Card Machine

Changing paper in a credit card machine can be stressful if you’re in the middle of a transaction or busy helping customers. But learning how to put paper in a credit card machine can be done easily and quickly, as long as you know what to do.

How to Batch Out a Credit Card Machine

Are you trying to figure out how to batch out a credit card machine? In order to fully process the sale and get paid for your goods or services, you need to know how to get it done. Here are tips for how to batch out a credit card machine.

Simple POS Thermal Printer Maintenance Tips for Businesses

Understanding how a thermal printer works is important when learning how to properly maintain the device. We answer some common questions and explain how to clean your thermal printer in this article. Thermal printers, made by brands such as Toshiba, TSC, DMYO, and Zebra, are used to print barcode tags and labels. 

Line-ups at the printer - organizing your office/workplace

Is your company or department losing time to frivolous and, avoidable hold ups? Much is made of downtime due to system failures, strikes, illness etc., but what about some things you may not have thought about? Here are some basic ideas for increasing the flow of your physical workplace. An organized space is a space where people can thrive. Line ups as staff members wait for their print jobs to come out, people taking papers that weren’t theirs or, god forbid, shredding the document you’ve been looking for before you find it.  The cost of that wasted paper PALES in comparison with the cost of the employees’ time while they look for their print jobs. Consider investing in the latest technologies as a matter of routine. Newer office hub printers have “ dropbox ” solutions for individual users. NFC (near field communication) technology can enable immediate login and instant print functions. The value of avoiding employee frustration is also important.

Free Payment Processing Hardware Equipment for Businesses

Here's a little industry secret: terminals are not made of gold. In fact, terminals usually retail for around $300. But many people pay hundreds of dollars a month against a multi-year terminal lease.

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