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Is It Time to Rethink Tipping? A Look at the Pros and Cons.

Tipping is as American as apple pie—even though the practice is a European import and was once subject to intense opposition and even banned in some states. This fact might come as a surprise to many since today it’s an integral part of the U.S. service industry’s compensation model and ingrained in American culture. These days in Europe and Asia, however, employees are instead paid a living wage, and tipping is uncommon and even unexpected. Each approach has its pros and cons, however, as we shall see.

Restaurants: Adapting to a New Era & Diversifying Revenue Streams

Although many industries have mounted a comeback since the lockdowns were slowly lifted—and subsequently reinstated, in some cases—the restaurant sector is not one of them. And even as bars restaurants reopen, they are still operating at limited capacity and having trouble filling seats, a task that will prove even more challenging as winter approaches and patios close. Add to that the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, and you’ve got a perfect storm for restaurants.

How to Make Your Retail Business Thrive Despite Covid

In 2019, a major retailer was exploring how to launch a curbside-delivery business over an 18-month span. When the COVID-19 lock-down hit, the delivery model went live in two days.

POS System, Payment Terminal or Something in Between for Small Shops?

You’re a business owner, so let’s assume you like to get paid. This article provides a brief overview of your traditional terminals and POS systems, outlines the pros and cons of each, and helps you decide which might be best suited to your business.

Retention vs. Acquisition: The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Repeat customers are a business’s best friend—and for a few reasons. Among other things, they spend more money, they are easier to sell to and they promote your business.

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