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Retail Outlook for 2022

The most significant influence on the retail sector over the past 19 months has unquestionably been the COVID-19 pandemic. (There’s nothing quite like a major global event to affect what we buy and how we buy it, —not to mention who sells it and how!) While the toilet paper panic-buying is mercifully in the rearview mirror, other emerging trends in consumerism—as well as ever-changing technology—will continue to shape the retail landscape into 2022.

Supply Chain Logistics and Holiday Retail Sales

It looks like there’s going to be an unwelcome guest at this year’s holiday party: supply chain mayhem. The year’s busiest shopping season is fast approaching, and COVID-19–related supply chain disruptions are poised to play Grinch. Retailers are struggling to get stock on the shelves, and consumers have been advised to start their Christmas shopping early. Here’s a look at the situation (and how merchants can make the most of it).

Merchant Spotlight: Clayton’s Shoe Store

Located in south central Tennessee, Clayton’s Shoe Store has been serving the community of Tullahoma and the surrounding areas for 121 years. Founded by James “Zippy” Clayton in 1900, the store has been passed down the family line and is now run by great-granddaughter Florence Hull, who is the store’s sole proprietor. 

Flexibility is Key for Garden Center Supply Chains

  Since the global lockdown combined with health and safety measures forced many people to stay home, this gave many people more time to devote to hobbies -  namely gardening and caring for houseplants. Research indicates that people were seeking to beautify their homes (inside and outside) and increase their mental and emotional well-being.

What to Consider When Looking for An E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce platforms are the foundation of any online business and an important consideration for brick and mortar business owners looking to expand their reach to include online customers.

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